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74 year old pale male fuddy duddy here. Beware! Being Blessed By GOD with a wonderful imagination, I am chock full of Wild Ideas that I desire to see expressed in the Reality Of Urth. Ideas that gets Humanity to flowing and growing and Knowing!

There are many "Potentialities arising out of These and many modern expressions that enable all of These Possibilities. Solar Power is part of Narbarian Culture Development (which is, itself, a tiny part of the larger story of New Tribalism, which is a contributive umbrella element to the quickening "Modern Nomadic Movement of America".

I was excited to see you and your mission, on "You Tube". I believe you are aware that there are many New Nomads that are watching your work with interest. Most of them pray and vote for, your success. Your Work IS Freedom Work!

May We all be blessed with a Common Sense Balance.

Daniel Jones
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