We're not.

And we'll be the first to admit it.

Route Del Sol is comprised of everyday people from all across the world, both professionals and passionate individuals a like.

The van is the starting block but our community is the foundation of the conversation.


Come join in and share your thoughts.


Joel is the pilot, visionary and founder of Route Del Sol.

With a background in science and climate change adaptation, he knows that the world is struggling to transition into a more sustainable future, so he threw away his traditional life and constructed Route Del Sol to bring about a change for the better (and have one hell of a time doing it).

He's a surfer, avid explorer, newly appointed electrical whiz, academically gifted and socially inclined human - oh and officially broke.


Joel Gregory Hayes

NSW Dec 17' Immersion Watermarked-132.jp

Keegan is the copilot and the 2IC of Route Del Sol.

With a background in journalism and leadership, he see's the power of the media as the fundamental building block to driving change. Keegan jumped on board at a moments notice, works tirelessly to help communicate the messages of Route Del Sol and tell the stories of the people and communities along the way.

He's a rock climber, vagabond, kindhearted, gypsy soul who loves a boogie and talking to (basically) everyone he meets.

Media & Communications Manager

Keegan Taccori


Solarrolla are the tech designers and in charge of  the concept realisation for Route Del Sol.

Brett, Kira, Lyric and Brook Belan are the pioneers, engineers and enthusiasts that helped make this dream a reality.

They are an incredible family that is paving the way with solar energy and Electric Vehicle ingenuity. Based in the town of Ashland, Oregon (USA), when they're not converting other vehicles into solar-rollers you'll find them camping in they're own fully solar electric VW bus.

To find out more, visit them at www.solarrolla.com.

Engineer & Tech Support


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