Battery Pack(s)

In addition to the 80KWH (LiFe) battery pack that is stock on the International E-STAR, we've added a secondary battery pack at 40KWH (LiCo).


This is to suit the solar array installed on the roof, this will extend the range of the van considerably from 100 miles to an ideal 200 mile range (terrain dependent).


The stock battery pack is charged by a Level 2 on board "azure dynamics" charger that can be charged using any 240 V, EV charging station.


At 50amps the vehicle takes 8-10 hours to charge - the standard for a lot of EVs.


Our secondary battery pack is fed by two charge controllers connected to the solar array on the roof. The energy is then transferred through an inverter from one pack to another, essentially charging ourselves.


THIS ESSENTIALLY MEANS there are no more gas stations, and we are not reliant on EV charging stations either.

Yes, the batteries do charge while we drive but it is a lot less efficient then if we pull over and spread out our solar wings.


The reason we are using two battery packs is because it is impossible to directly charge the original pack of the vehicle directly from the sun - there are proprietary systems that cannot be overridden (thanks International).


There are many inefficiencies in our design, however there are also many advantages. Finances and time have led us to arrive at this functionality of the van.