What we do

Let us explain... and we'll make it simple!

Route Del Sol is a community of people driving change, literally.

We're the first team in the world to drive a solar powered,

100% electric camper van from

Alaska to Argentina.

We're out here right now...

We want to do the entire trip on


Solar Power

Harnessing the power of photo voltaic energy to move our van forward. This is our primary source of sustainable energy.


         Where ever it is not possible to do so (e.g. the Darién Gap)...

                                     we will offset,

                                                              our carbon emissions.

WHAT WE DO, each and every day:

  • We're meeting dozens of people, literally every day. They ask about solar power, electric vehicles, climate change, the energy sector, travelling, photography and us!

  • We run and speak at public events. We connect, interview and work with and share ideas with politicians, environmentalists, media, government officials, NGOs, communities and beautiful human beings like yourself that are wanting to drive change too.

  • We're filming a documentary called "Surface Area". It's about:



  • Like social entrepreneurs, we're building a community of networks to bring with us South, to further connect people and cultures, ideas and solutions.


  • We're filming and capturing moments for Instagram and Facebook, to continue to inspire our online community of the complicated and intrinsically beautiful world we live in.


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